YouTube Promotion & Marketing Packages
Tap your audience on YouTube and reach to millions with our powerful YouTube Promotion and Marketing Packages.
Whether you are an aspiring / first-time video creator looking to grow your YouTube channel to monetize, or you are an experienced business owner looking to increase your brand visibility online, your first step is to launch your campaign with effective YouTube marketing and promotion strategy.
1,050 per campaign
No. of Videos to Promote: 1
Expected Views (Worldwide): 2000+
1,950 per campaign
No. of Videos to Promote: 1
Expected Views (Worldwide): 2000+
Expected Views (Country-Specific): +30%+
Expected Active Engagement: 1.5%+
5,500 per campaign
No. of Videos to Promote: 1
Expected Views (Worldwide): 7000+
Expected Views (Country-Specific): +40%+
Expected Active Plus Engagement: 2.0%+
23,500 per campaign
No. of Videos to Promote: 5
Expected Views (Worldwide): 40000+
Expected Views (Country-Specific): +20%+
Expected Active Ultra Engagement: 3.0%+
% count defines the volume based on the views count. With Active Engagement, a video can be Liked by viewers. With Active Plus Engagement, a video can be Liked, Disliked, Shared, Commented. With Active Ultra Engagement, you can expect your videos to be Liked, Disliked, Shared, Commented, Get Found in Suggested Video. Even channel may attract subscribers at any given point of the campaign.
Some Quick Statistics of YouTube:

  • YouTube has 2 billion logged-in monthly users.
  • YouTube is the second-most preferred platform for watching video on TV screens among 18 to 34 year olds.
  • Almost 15% of YouTube’s site traffic comes from the USA. Next runners up: 8.1% of YouTube viewers are in India; and 4.6% are in Japan.
  • 93% of video watchers in India are watching YouTube.
  • When choosing what to watch, whether a video relates to a viewer’s interests is 3x more important to people than whether it has a famous actor.
  • Watch time for videos on “which product to buy” doubled between 2017 and 2018

What you can expect –

  • High-Conversion and Engagement
  • Persuasive and Compelling CTA
  • Higher ROI
  • Improved Brand Visibility

What’s not included –

  • Channel Creation
  • Channel Optimization
  • Meta Tag Creation
  • Title Optimization
  • Video Creation
  • Thumbnail Creation

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